January 31, 2009

You want it?..I Give it!!

Oh..my..Gxsh!! Do you know how many magazines I bought this month?! ..OK! Don't waste time to guess for the answer-I'm telling you now.There are "lucky"[or unLucky] 13 magazines spread all over my bed. Some of them..I have been done..some are just in the middle..Anyway, I have something to give to you...SOMEONE DESERVE THIS LUCKY NUMBER. Thing is..I have 2009 calendar from my [FRUiTS]magazine,and I have the calendar which I actually done my own so..I will give this calendar for you FREE!! No matter where you are. It will deliver to your place ASAP..AFTER YOU POST YOUR FAVORITE FRUIT COMMENT,THEN JUST SNAP ANY FASHION ITEM(S) THAT HAS THE SAME COLOR AS YOUR FAVORITE FRUIT TO INTIZ.INTIZ@YAHOO.COM ...I WILL CONTACT YOU BACK FOR THE MAILING ADDRESS!! Sounds commercial..Ha..Ha!!

::Don't worry that I'll send a Mafia to ask ya some money!!::LoL!!
Good Luck Reader!

January 30, 2009

Finally Final!

Ok..!!Finally, it's the last day of the Haute Couture this Spring -Summer. So, I have to get all the pictures of the runway looks(plus details) from Style.com on my PC. Well,..actually I save every single collection of each season, of each designer in my PC. For whom who doesn't know why I'm doing this. Let me tell ya!!The reason is not just I write about it in Intiz' Journal, but watching or checking the collections, you can see many things from them...then you'll those details, silhouettes,colors,and so on would be appear in those pages of 'trend' spread in the fashion magazines.......Anyway..Shall we start??

"SHE'S RICH!" After Valentino retired himself from the runway, I was a little bit sad to see the way he creates his collection. This season of the haute couture,I really happy to see this collection with some Valentino' bases...


Fan-pleated::Bejeweled::Embroidered::and The Bow

One last for the ELEGANCE SHOES..

:::::Jean Paul Gaultier:::::
The lady in Valentino Couture, and the lady in Jean Paul Gautier Couture are totally different!! Can they stand next to each other (LoL)??
How clever he is?? At first I look at the collection..I can't figure out much what inspired him to create this collection..,but I do know that those fine-lined has something hides behind the print.The review of Sarah Mower(of Style.com) solves it, Those are the patterns that used on bank notes!! Ahh!!! Then, I take many currency bank notes to see that it's true or not...

There are many incredibly detail in his couture...I can't explain them all...Let's take a closer look!!


:::::Elie Saab:::::
Pale & Pastel tones of chiffon blended with Swarovski crytal,Draped-detail makes Elie Saab is elegance as usual.

Let's see what I like the most for Elie Saab::
ONE: Draping..Draping..and Draping


[Sigh!!]Finally! Fabulous,Amazing,Sophisticated..and so on,but I'm wondering..why those shows finish with their finale on the bride gown..Is that the Haute Couture new tradition?? If you know,plz let me know..
Gxsh!! I feel myself like a cellphone which has very low battery power!! Let me charge my energy..I'll be right Back ;-)

January 28, 2009

White & Bright

"I have to get my 2nd day haute couture done"...After my laptop crisis last night,it made me crazy!! So, I have to use a slowwwwww desktop computer to do my work..[CRY!!]Anyway, I'm done with this (No! Almost..). This is the biggest blog post I've ever done since I start my Intiz'Journal. Ok..let me begin!

"It's so white 'n clean!!" I have no wonder why I express my opinion to the collection. Lagerfeld begins his inspiration from a blank page of a clean sheet of paper..hmm! That's why. There are softness and feminism in those white knee-length wool skirts, the boxy and bolero jackets, and I feel ramantic to the collection again!!

La Vie en Rose et Camillia:::I bet you all enjoy the giant white paper flower on the models' heads ....

My beloved Lacroix ...never disappointed me again. Watching his collections makes me feel like I go to a Museum-so beatifully. If I have a chance to wear the haute couture (in ma dream) His label would be the first one....Anyway, I'm awake now::

The collection is beautifully exotic


One important thing is ::The accessories..


I know it sounds mean..because I keep saying (actually writting) many good thing about those two brands. Well, I'm not the that Givenchy type, I mean the Haute Couture...Sorry Mr.Tisci!!

Hey! But I love these shoes,though..

I will update more deatils on the couture...............

The Oriental Chinese of Armani Privé

Ni Hao..[Hello..in Chinese]:-)

Last blog, I was “Dior Addict” actually there are two shows that I would like to talk about….plan has changed, Anyway, today while waiting for the fabulous pictures of Chanel, Lacroix,and Givenchy ..I have one more show of Armani Privé.

Personally, I love details of the collections. The silhouette are so fabulous..Ok! check out this amazing collection:::

(Photo source:Style.com)

Look closer to detail::
*The Chinese Tassel fastening

*The Pagoda shoulders & sleeves

*Chinese Lacquer Cabinet Prints

*Sophisicated Sequin detail (I think it's fish scaled pattern)

Accessories spot::::


January 27, 2009

First Haute Couture S/S 2009::CHRISTIAN DIOR::

Haute Couture..for me, it's incredible and precious!! This season the Haute Couture begin by Christian Dior. My wizard Galliano spelled Dior to the feeling of...Romantic!!This is what I feel when I have seen the complete collection.

"Flemish painters and Monsieur Dior" inspired Galliano to create this incredible haute couture collection of Spring/Summer 2009.The cut,silhouette,and details are so RICH..LUXURY..and of course my first feeling, ROMANTIC.

I'm lazy to upload the pictures of the complete collection,so I made a slide show.

Thank you for the photo credit from ELLE,STYLE.com

Let me begin with the top part,the Head.....so incredible,how come the firece hair style look softer?!.....Check out the Rope 'n the head accessories!

Gxsh!!I think,I should make a slide..don't want you to scroll down to the end..why waste time,right??!!

Ok..Go on with the BUST::WAIST::SKIRT

Down low to the bottom..

One idea before I go, in my journal..I wrote "Mention the Wedding gown!!"..Ok..These are what I'm talking about..


There are more Haute Couture for me to catch up tomorrow..If I'm not that busy...
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