January 15, 2009


Hi..Hello..Bonjour..こんにちは(konnichiwa)..and Sawasdee Ka!!
These are the languages I do understand.Ok!! I think this is going to be my very first official blog that I introduce myself to public-cyber space world (Don't get my word??..Internet!!)

My name is Intira.People called my nickname Tik,Tikky,and Tikki. I'm 22, born in Thailand. Livin' my life here in this SMILEY country most of my life~and spent incredible life in the Lone Star State-Texas.

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT....for fashion magazine (L0L!! I'm no going to tell you 'bout the romantic affair..I'm not that kind!)Okay!magazine! Looking people in the magazine wearing 'cute' clothes (but that time I don't know those CHIC,FaB,Glam words..sorry!)is very interesting...and Japanese fashion is what I have passion about.Harajuku is the only place I know in stead of the fashion destination. Thai magazine called "ICE" is the one I spend my monthly saving to buy it."Katch" is the second one, so far it has no more publication.Forturnately, I still have them with me!!

AMERICAN APPERELS.Sorry, I didn't mention the brands..During my exchange student year in Texas(even it's not New York or LA.this is my second home).Wearing my own clothes to high school is what I have never experience. Uniform is what I wear to school everyday.I was so stress what I should wear to the first day at school "in America"...I thought to myself hundreds times.."why don't you bring ICE magazine with you Tikki!!" Oh!Gosh! I'm not telling you what I wore that day. I have a picture,but don't let me see it ;-)..I have found my MUSE in the high school who is my bestfriend today,Natsusa. She made me more おしゃれ!(oshare-stylist).
Instead of ICE magazine, I spent on Teen Vogue,Seventeen,and Elle Girl.

Heart Break::  I extremely had passion in fashion and wanna go to study anywhere about fashion design, but my parents would like me to study something else.As their point of view, to get a job in fashion career is difficult..so I decided to study Hotel and Tourism Managenet in the university,at the same time working at department store to get money for my fashion courses..:) I'm happy for both of them.

from thoSe days to INTIZ today..Since that day, I fight for myself..Magazines are my textbooks..I go to Elle, Bangkok International Fashion Weeks,and other fashion weeks in Bangkok. Big thank you for ThaiCatwalk that support my dream. I have a chance at front row. I'm happy............So far,I'm not in a fashion business,but I will.

One thing I wanna tell you that if you have my INTIZ label on you, plz think that you can't wear that clothes easily. I'll never copy other. I'll do it the way I like .

Intiz Journal: If I don't have a notebook & pen with me...I'm sort of died..cuz many idea pop..even I'm checking-in the guest to the hotel.I will write @ the registration card instead, if I will not get any punishment. Blogging was weird,though. Some that I have seen, most of the stories has pictures that you can find anywhere. You can, but not all the time.I actually get those picture from internet, one I really can't see them by myself. I don't know how my blog will be. Again, "I'll do it tHe way I like".

ok...how Can I finish my introduction:





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