January 22, 2009

Gimme a sign!!

I wanna go out and do some shopping. After five days working, sleepless, gimme headache!! Three days off are such a paradise. I went out today, actually I have to buy some gift for my "buddies"* at the F/O (Front Office)Party tomorrow.

[BUDDY::is a popular game in Thai land especially before special occasion like party. This is how we play the game: You will draw a name of someone actually your colleague in the department,classmate,or whoever.After that you have to treat that person you get with small treats like snacks or candies while you will get some treat from someone as well. The day of the party, you have to buy presents to both of them]

I spent two hours "stuck in the traffic~Not really happy about it. Luckily, I brought a book with me..so I have something to do on a cab.

The first thing I do is 'eating'!!

Here I come..Loft@Siam Discovery :::I'm so ready to shop,but what am I going to buy for
"Gimme a sign..Gimme a sign!!...I roaming around the shop whining question to myself...until I find a nice sign"

There are many luggage tags with cool words on like :It's mind!,Don't touch!, and many words...I love it!! So I buy it but not for my buddy,but myself (LoL!!)

This idea you can adapt for your handbag as well. Luggage tag is not only for those travelling luggage anymore.

Well, I gotta go for today........Have a lot of things to do tomorrow!!

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