December 10, 2010

Music:Model:Maria:Maxi Singles

I got this CD months ago as my birthday present, and I think it's one of the coolest ever. As the singer, Maria Lynn Ehren is model. It's simple that models turn to something else simply like actress..but that's not going to interest me as singer(and good in dancing like her). If you actually read every single entry in put in my blog (I would be so appreciate to hear that,though..LoL!!), you'll see Maria before in ReadinN' my LIPS

Thank you Youtube, and those uploaders for these MVs which I waited for month to collects all the tracks.So, you can listen what I listen as well. Yeah..there are only five tracks with fun musics. 
Hope you enjoy Maria's first album,Maxi Singles and don't for get to check out her costume from Milin

Track 1:: Blur 

Track 2 :: Boong

Track 3 :: Come Along

Track 4 :: Grin :) [Thai:: Roy Yimm]

Track 5 :: Wait Up [Thai ::Gebb Toh]

Thank you for reading & listening :)


October 19, 2010


dear readers,

Sorry that I have been away from this blog for such a long long time! Currently, I'm busy with every single thing around me...I'll be back here so soon if I have time with the journal.

*Thank you so much for visiting my Intiz' Journal<3

August 26, 2010

Stolen Moments

The first pictures that come to my mind after looking at Sretsis' Autumn/Winter 2010,Stolen Moments are Porcelain tea set,fluffy white Persian Cat,Cup cake,Precious Moments..and my bedtime music box(they come one at a time..hard to explain how it feel like,though). Anyway, this collection probably make your heart MUCH MORE melt than the summer's collection. These are some of the look book from the collection:::

::Kitty Dress::

::Baby Cake Dress::

::Abbey Kitten Skirt::

::Stolen Cameo Dress::

::Stolen Diamond Playsuit:: (Right on with the Abbey Kitten Skirt)

::Silver Heart Dress::

::Gigi Stardust Dress::

::Alexa Pants::

::Kelly Blouse::

::Smitten Kitten Top & Lunar Stardust Dress::(Both on the left)

::Kitten Candy Dress::

::Crystal Cameo Shirt::

::Louis Coat & Lunar Lucky Scarf::

::Penelope Coat,Smitten Shirt & Gigi Tiered Skirt::

♥♥ Intiz'favorite: Silver Dust Dress♥♥

If you have a chance to visit Bangkok,don't forget to visit Sretsis Boutique,also her sister's Matina Amanita for those gorgeous jewelries


August 23, 2010

An August Desktop

One thing which may not that important thing to you.........

My August desktop......

Guess who are at the front line!!??


Versace minded


photo via Fashion Gone Rogue

Hello August,finally I have time for my journal..well,so far my fashion is not that 24/7 in the act,but in my really is!! That's why I wake up and watch this VERSACE Fall 2010 at four something in the morning today ::




see you later guys,thanks for coming:-)


July 27, 2010

Polar Bear


"she wears Balenciaga Fall 2010!!"

I really want the August issue of Vogue Russia..actually I've seen many editorials on Fashion Gone Rogue, the stylist..Simon Robins is fabulous..I can say! This editorial is my fave of the issue:::


July 03, 2010

Love them all,do you!!??

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