April 28, 2009

Sketch & Slide

Have you ever felt like when you wanna sketch something right in that second...you can't do it? But, when you about to eat a slide of pizza(or whatever)...there's a picture of the clothes you thinkin' about just pop-up!!~Well, I do...and so often :-)

These are my prove of the old stuff[Fall'07]:::

Well,these come from my accounting lecture when I was a uni student!!!

But when I "do" have time to gather some of these rough sketches,they would be like this:::

Intiz Journal::P.118

So, do you think it's strange to have a feeling like that? Hmm!!
Well, IDK...have think about my Fall(I have to vanish those runway collections ..and focus on my own..I have to figure this out)...Hmm!!

**Just let you know about it..........XOXO,Tikki

April 27, 2009


It has been awhile to take me back to the blog..Work/Sickness of my laptop/Black out from thunderstorm..and blah..blah..blah!!!

Finallyyy..I have time for this mustard cardigan//GAP tank top//and INTIZ cut-off (Luv them!):-)
..and combine with my cute Stitch accessories:::

I think I'm in a 'Kids Mode' today...playful and wanna do something cute:-)

These Stitch Mascot key chains I got from a ガシャポン[Gashapon]//toy capsule machine at Loft[Siam Discovery]are so cute isn't it...

Let's play fun with them//combine to one necklace:::::

Well, don't think that I don't wear it out...I once say here that there's no rule in fashion. You can dress anything you want..right place/&/right time. Just play fun with the closet....if you wanna dress something "cartoonly" (I don't know how to define this word,but you know what I mean..don't cha?)

I'm sure that you fine your right proportion to put your favorite cartoon character/s on you. Like A/W'2009 season, Jeremy Scott brings Mickey & Minnie to the runway

..while Paris ,Jean Charles de Castelbajac(aka JCDC)'s Muppets muse 'Be Pop Ma Lola'his collection as well...

I know it's next season, but why don't we just have fun with it...


April 23, 2009


Back to our usual Thai's April..The weather is extremely hot..really!! So,I just stay home 'n do laundry:::

Light white tank top & jeans shorts are totally comfy me this afternoon :-)


April 19, 2009

Who are those Lucky guys!?

I got my May VOGUE for today.Oh..my 'I luv it!!' the cover is super stunning.No doubt why all of them are sealed!! Well, I really don't have time to scan..so..I think I better search the picture to show ya...."tud..ta..da..da!!!

You like/love it,don't you!? Thanks Bryan Boy for the pic...
I would be so happy if there's Gemma on the cover.........

This issue is about model....model...and...model.....!!
Ok...let's check this out!!The models' boyfriends:::::::::

this issue is gorgeous.....I can tell you :-)

April 18, 2009


Let's pause about fashion for awhile...Wake up a bit late this morning.Actually I want it later if it was my day off..anyway..No personal clothes today. Just snaps of my quick lunch@ Fuji.......I love Japanese food,but I don't eat Sashimi,and allergy to all kind of fish egg!!!

いただきます~[itadakimasu=let's eat]
天ぷら そば::Tempura Soba

卵寿司と蟹巻き[tamago sushi//omelet sushi & kani maki]

Ok..just a quick post..have to go back to work.........

April 16, 2009


Finally,it's my day off.I have 24 golden hours to do what I want.No more shopping this month so,invited a friend for a luncheon at the club house in the village where I live. First,she mentioned "you dress like this when you're home??".."Kinda..I just make it special//put a pair of black panty hose..and the ankle boots(instead of bare legs and flip flops)............~5PM::Japanese lesson......bedtime..>>B'fore I throw them to a laundry basket...here they are>>>>>>

Mooooooo...Moooooooo....that's how this done!!


April 13, 2009

Keep these save in the cLo$et

Politic gimme headache!! Cuz I can't wear RED outside my house......

It was yellow..but now wearing RED is too risky to get outside..I probably wear these at home!!


Busy working//Headache with things around me//Sickness//Sleepless:::So, I have three more working days. Happy thing is 'I didn't get any splash today cuz I took cab to work' LoL!!!

See ya,xoxo,Tikki

April 11, 2009

Guy can wear pearl


April 10, 2009


I'm a big fan of Rei Shito's photographs...that why I have to cross my finger last week//then,pretended to forget that I have the 'magazine rehab'..and decided to buy STREET/APRIL issue with no guilty (C'mon..just another one mag',it it won't take a lot of space in my bedroom!)...LoL!! Just make this exception!! Here we go...........



::J'adore PARIS::

The Chanel TwinS

Lace Up..Baby Lace Up!!

 The Gorgeous pair




Gxsh!! It takes hours to finish these big pictures...So, I hope you like them,though.

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