July 25, 2015

Boyish Mode

Good to see you Tokyo Tower/'n/Roaming 'round Shibuya

First of all, I'd like to give you some fashion advice, "Don't rush and run when you wear very high wedge shoes." because you will definitely fall down like me this morning when I tried to catch the train to Tokyo Tower

It was a great partly cloudy day in Tokyo when it's great for my skin to take a break from sunburn in summer. So, I decided to put cover up my skin with this boyish Forever 21 blazer,Uniqlo black denim pants,  and add with some typography pieces in the look.

See you next journal//xoxo


July 13, 2015

It's Cold out there.

Once it's cold outside, keep yourself warm inside and wrap yourself with the beloved scarf.Mine is leopard one.

These two weeks, I traveled around Gold Coast,Australia where it's winter and Japan where in raining season at the moment. Sometime I don't like really go out because the weather will make me sick. Think about when you have a nice new pair of shoes,but it's raining outside-that's my 'sick'.So, most of my time is in the hotel room-reading fashion magazines, sewing, plan my next Japan trip (finger cross for no rain)and of course, checking the Fall 2015 couture shows . It's good feeling to relax yourself in the room and do what you really love. 

 Shoes & Scarf :: Rubi //Leggings :: Topshop

 Dress ::H&M///Earring :: Hidden Treasure

Don't get me wrong that I'm too lazy to get dress (never ever have that feeling..trust me).I did go out sometime that's because I feel guilty to the clothes in my super heavy luggage. I went shopping last week, and got a little spiral note from Muji, the store where I think you can create something from the blank black or white color. I did create my "mini" Intiz'Journal to collect my inspirations for this blog. 

Stay tuned for my mini Intiz'Journal 


July 04, 2015

Not An American Girl

Let's wear red,white,blue on America's Birthday

The last time I wear red,white,and blue colors was 2003 when I was in Texas waiting to celebrate the Independence Day. I remember the fun to see people dress up with their flag colors, that's not count on my high school's prom queen who wear American flag sequined gown(oh my!). For some countries(like mine),wearing national flag is some kinda serious thing.But I think wear colors from the nation's flag is awesome.Well, I really miss America.It's the country where it made my confidence,and passion grow (I was really quiet,and shy person when I was young). I gonna be happy if I have a chance to go back and visit there again,but in the mean time,I wanna celebrate America's Birthday by wearing this casual outfit. 

The way that I make casual outfit has more interesting look is 'playing with accessories,and colors'. So,match the colors of your outfit with nail color or shoes..try this,and you'll see what I'm talking about. 

 Top:: Forever XXI//Pants:: Uniqlo//Earrings &Ring::Lovisa//Necklace::vintage//Shoes:: Aldo

See you next journal//xo

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