December 25, 2009

Best wishes from me :-)


December 24, 2009

Accessories Shoots!

Nothing so special on Christmas Eve...I decided to do accessories check//shoots...



Kitty and Cutie

Also,I'm working on a new entry,Accessories Necessary..which I'm trying to post it here as soon as I finish it,though.

Well, hope you like my treasure:-)


December 22, 2009

Last Tuesday

It was my day off..Need to do more Christmas Shopping..but I stucked at the Bangkok Art and Cultural Center.Well,I'm not that I snapped some photos:-)

I love that leopard print on the hermit::::

By the way,so far I love wearing this bleached jacket//hope you like it.too :-)


December 19, 2009


Fun fact of the day..

about 2000 isssssuuueess of fashion mags is in my room.Where should I move them for the new one next year??? LoL!!Any Idea?? Pls do share guys!


Fame on you..

Thank you for linking my Intiz'Journal.. Shimu's Holiday :-)


December 18, 2009


Some of my friends called me few days ago//asking what's wrong with me and Intiz'Journal.Answer was "Nothing wrong.Just busy (as usual)"...Today, I'm taking a lil' bit rest...picking these 3 for the pre-fall 2010:::

Thanks for visiting my blog last two weeks (without any update stuff)..:-)


December 01, 2009


It take several weeks for me to buy a new jounal. There's many cute,and good spiral notes,but I decided to buy the same one,but another color...!!
Hope I'll have something to write in it soon :-)


November 30, 2009

Good bye my Journal

p.256 first Intiz'Journal has been finished!
I leave you this last page on Chanel before I'll begin the new Intiz'Journal:::

*Thanks you all readers/followers/or passer by for reading my blog :-)
See you next Journal;-)


November 29, 2009



November 26, 2009

what's up (to me)....

Just little update from me…
Oh!...almost forget!!!....

I didn't have any slice of turkey today (not even KFC!!)....Busy..Busy..Busy..


Well, I’m kinda.."stay tuned" for fashion during this time…every single day I have to tutor my Japanese. The exam is coming…I wanna pass it, and make a good score as well. Besides the exam, Haute Couture is coming..Ha~!!...again..Pls "Stay tuned!"


For the last 13 days..that I was gone..besides the Japanese tutor,it's about my work!..The Japanese couple gave me this white origami shirt//saying "Doumo Arigatougozaimashita"..for my hospitality. I imagined the real white shirt when I first see it,though...Should I do the DIY??..Anyway,I might take it with me to Japan next year...We'll see!!!

ast update..Remember the page that I tell you about the Christopher Kane for Topshop??...SIGH!!!

Finally, the croc arrived Bangkok last week. I have no time for the photographer either.So,I might shoot some photopretty soon,though….

Thank you so much for visiting/leaving the comment/write me da emails....I will be back here ASAP guys!

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