June 23, 2013

12 Days on Duty

Packing time!

I did mention lately about my broken baggage. If you have no idea about "them"..Yes, I bought my fourth last Monday one due to those three experienced the same problem, broken wheels.

Anyway, I'm not gonna make this bag in trouble again. Well, I know that in the past, I didn't pack it wisely.I put clothes and accessories as much as I wanted like 'this is my little closet'.

Yesterday, I spent about an hour picking pieces from my closet with this '12 days//12 pieces' idea. By the way, these 12 pieces are only clothes..LoL!! I don't wanna kill myself have nothing to wear, and make an excuse for shopping! These are part of them;

Wish me luck and stay tuned for the next journal :


June 22, 2013



Skirt :: AB-Normal
Shoe ::Intiz'Selection
Sunglasses :: Lyn Around


June 20, 2013

DIY#2:: This is not the Céline bag!


Early this week, I "just" have time to start rearranging my bedroom where sooner will be my sewing room. The problem is it's too small, and I need more place for my magazines, shoes, and so many stuff. I have no idea where to begin. So, I begin with the smallest part, the powder table. Surprisingly, I found more than thirty bottles of nail colors.Old ones mixed with new ones, used and never been used. Thought to myself how I gonna do with them without guilt? Then, the picture of the young Carrie Bradshaw's bag from The Carrie Diaries appeared on my head! Plus, I got the knock-off Céline bag  as a gift from the lovely person who think I will love this bag.(Well, I do love it, but it's not Céline). I keep that bag in my closet..until this DIY popped to my head! 

♥ Plain black Bag 
 Nail color
Painting brush 
 Nail polish remover
Old newspaper/magazine or garbage bag

Ok!Let's the work begin!!!

OPI Colors :: Fly//Koala Berry// The 'IT' Color// Thanks a WindMillion // Did you 'ear about Van Gogh?

Practice makes perfect
First of all, prepare the working space by laying down sheet/s of newspaper (well, I used old magazine)before you begin the painting. Then, I recommend you to practice pouring the color once to see the way you would like the colors you have picked for the bag,or not? And to see how the line of the pattern (this is not necessary, but if you have a sheet of black paper, it might help). As me, I did twice. Well, At first, I tried mixing up the nail color with water and splashing by the painting brush. Unfortunately, it failed!! Pouring the nail colors probably spoil your material, but the result turned better. You can see from my pictures.

When you ready to pour the real color, change the layer of the paper to the new ones.Place the bag on the position. This is the way I paint it. I place the bottle a little bit higher so the color will be in a thin line,then, I spread it in the crisscross, and zigzag direction . If you need a bigger line, place the bottle closer to the bag. Try to pour it a little outside the bag area before you draw the line.

Once, when you finish, leave it dry at least 3 hours. If you have some thick sport it would take longer. 

Speak on the Strap
While I was waiting for the backside of the bag to be dry, I randomly some words I would like to write down on the strap. Use 2 dabs of the nails color into the palette,and write down with the painting brush. Also, I spread the colors again on it.

 Paint the front part, and say my name..say my name
Before you'll begin painting on the other side of the bag, make sure that the side that you painted before is completely dry. Practice again, and do it again. As the name part, you have to be very careful. Do not put the bottle close to the bag because the letter/s will be too bold! Like my below picture.

I made a mistake pouring the color to close to the bag. Luckily, it not absorb to each other. I fixed this up by using a q-tips(soaked with nail polish remover) remove the excess part as many as the color with gone. For those very small space, I use a toothpick that dip to the polish remover as well take the color away. This step have to be a little bit slowly..to carve my name on the bag. 


Now I don't feel guilty for the nail color and the bag ;)


June 18, 2013



It was my busy afternoon, headed out for another new luggage (aka movable little closet). Besides, this is my fourth one! All those three before has the same case, broken wheels. Anyway, I wanted to go out  casual today with my aztec print pieces..Talking about casual, I have some story to share.Last few weeks, I went out with my friend for a luncheon at a very simple open-aired place. The annoying part was she asked me what I would wear to go out with her? And another command "Don't dress up!"..To be honest, I was kinda pissed off. Skip the drama part, that day, I wore a T-shirt, jean skirt, and some glittery accessories.That was my so simple..and made my mom ask me "You really look like this outside?! Are you sick?!" Gosh!..then,  I told myself, NO MORE!! I'm not gonna let anyone rule what I gonna wear....And if that friend ever ask me not to dress up again, I would warn her nicely that "I'm not gonna be sad look buddy dress up with you EVER!"  'Cuz when you dress down just for someone, by the end of the day,you will feel bad for yourself. 

Top :: Forever XXI
    Skirt :: Charlotte Russe
Bag :: Sportsgirl
Necklace:: Zsiska
Shoes :: Nine West



June 16, 2013


I'm kinda Hippie..Bohemian..sometime! 

 Last week, I found this issue of Disfunkshion  magazine in Barnes & Noble while I was looking for some fashion magazines ( I didn't pack one with me last trip). The magazine is really really interesting. I'm not quite sure how long it has been published. If you are one who in love with hippie and bohemian style..this is the one you may like it,though. I'm currently into all kind of "fringe" so, I snapped part of the magazine to share with you. 
Besides, I have so many clothes and accessories that make me think "Am I a hippie?"..LoL! I think I am..sometimes!



June 14, 2013


 Hat :: Activity One via Warun Shop 
  Jacket :: Olivia Moon
 Skirt :: Miss Chie Vous Clothing
 Shoes :: Nine West

Some quick snaps before I hop on a cab doing my business in the afternoon.  See you later and have a good one :)


June 09, 2013

On YvanRodic.com


My jetlag working from Sydney to Honolulu was gone when I see myself in YvanRodic.com For those who is new reader for my journal, you can read the story of this picture here. The ideas that Yvan provided to to all of the audiences that day is really inspired, especially for those blogger (like me). Again, it's such a great great experience to meet one of the famous fashion blogger. 

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