March 31, 2009

I need French lessons

I really have no idea when 'Coco Avant Chanel' will be in theater in Thailand..
Watching this trailer //Je ne comprends pas//I need English subtitle!!

It would be in Theater in April 22, this year.......But I have to wait..wait...and wait!!

Treasure Check

"I'm BACK"..well, sort of..still have one day(today) to work this week.I have many unhappy things at work when I wasn't here for a few days//Working with Mr.'Do Nothing'//Training 'n motivating a trainee//Handling people from all over the world needs(One wants so many things for just one time..Hello!!I have two hands..think about it)...Vera Wang advised in the The Fashion Designer Survival Guide book I read that
"Get a job! When you get a job you are getting paid to learn"

It would be good if the job I have is fashion related..Huh~!!I kinda like it anyway ('-')!!

Ok...Back to business!!! I have accessories check today.Actually I'll do this every three month//four times a year. I wake up this early morning to do it as quick as I have extra time working on Intiz Journal:::So, these are some of them:::

Besides, there are many which lost//still in handbag pockets//need to be fix//

Well,I don't know what I will have more for the next three months...Anyway..

I gotta go..have many thing to do...:-)

March 27, 2009


Updating the recent runway looks of the 3rd day of Japan Fashion Week of Fall 2009 (on Wed 25th)is more exhausted than doing jogging in the morning....It's going to be more exhausted and tired for sure today. My work place running high occupany...I'm not sure I'll have enough energy..or not. Besides,I have to take cab home..after work!! Ha~(-__-")!!
Ok...Let's see my Day3's Quick Pick ;-)

everlasting sprout::::::

tiny dinosaur::::::


Kimono on Runway//I Luv it!

support surface::::::





Hope you like it :-) See you next time//Tikki


Move on to the second day of Japan Fashion Week of Fall 2009.Now, I'm awake. Have to get ready to work in two hours..but right before that...I wanna make a quick pick 'n post:-)


The Dress & Co. HIDEAKI SAKAGUCHI::::::



Ohayogozaimasu::[ おはよございます]

I realize this early morning that I was two days..[No! three already] late to check out the collection on Tokyo Fashion Week of Spring!

Well, let me make it picking my favorite::::::

Motonari Ono

I love the look//layer//honey mustard skirt.





Look! How gorgeous of this two tone fur coat;-)


[Funny Fact::I was sort of sleepy and awake during saving the collection week in the laptop//I typed all the designers ar Spring collection."this is wierd..these clothes they should wear in Fall..but why they set the Spring Fashion Week...Finally,I was wrong,though.So, Have to rename all of them!!]

>>>>>>>>Let's continue with Day 2's Fave------->>>


I have probably 29 minutes to post this entry before the Blogspot maintenance!

"Dress fashionable"!? ..Hmm!! I do know that most of us would like to look great//gorgeous//chic//punk//classic...whatever style you named it yourself. states this topic...mention many things like wearing this label with that label is so lame..her story sounds like she wear Christian Dior Haute Couture as her pajamas. Well, sometimes fashion can make you headache!:::

For example, once you see a model wearing a plain white tank top and the heading "sexy casual chic"..once you tried..Someone might say something good,bad, or nothing about you.Who know!?

I have experience like said "how come person who wears t-shirt and jeans can become a designer??"...By that time it felt like "ouch! that's harsh!".....This moment I don't really care:::: Fashion can be anything you can try and experience with it..there's no need to change your look just want to catch attention from people..There's rule or law about this. Just be yourself and confident in what you put on you..You will look great always.

How about this picture from the Sart

Right layer//Tee matches with her Converse>>>she's on the go!!

March 26, 2009

She's WILD//She's my Diva//Lindsay

I decided to rehab myself for buying lot of magazines.Now, I'm planning::where should I keep them?//should I cut those pages?//Anyway, I have to figure this out before I have no bedroom space to sleep!

Oh no!!! I have to have to stop thinkin' about the magazine rehab because my diva Lindsay Lohan back to the cover of NYLON April issue. I can't buy it,though!

Don't hate me if I get the last one on the rack just a sec' before you[sure!I'm not gonna put it back!] ;-)

March 25, 2009


One asked me where I have my time drawing My Bag Sheet. I think I did tell..wait! let me go check/////Yes..I did. Ok..again,, Fashion Trend Center is where I have been that day. So far, this place closed already and turned to a business office. Well, too bad so sad to say..but It's good memory to think about it when I was sort of fashion newbie::::::::::::

So far, we don't have fashion place like this anymore..Only one Design Center called TCDC where I sometimes go visit some art exhibition :-)

March 24, 2009

You dot the Runway::FLYNOW

There's no surprise for me that the show of Flynow will be delay. I was kinda sleepy nearby the Giorgio Armani boutique@ Paragon. My sister gone home so,there's no body to chitchat///9:30 I was on the go (fast to get the best spot!)

Entering fashion hall//there's totally RED!...I make a quick snap before I got my spot which is better than the 27 Nov..

We all were waiting for the arrival of HRH Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana.I feel so proud to see her.

The show begin with the black strapless dress with maxi ballooned scrunchy sleeves..

Polka dots is the main theme of the collection of Flynow this season.There are so many couture details//the polka dots printed on cotton,silk,and
Vicose//boxed shoulders//Maxi Panniered waist//[I love the neon blue lame leggings].

Make it Big::

Those head accessories on the models' head are very amazing.They created the couture more gorgeous,especially the white lace on the finale white feather gown on Cindy Sirinya Bishop.


Birds of Paradise::

Besides the polka dot prints//Those beautiful parrots on the shinny volume silk gown are another looks which make the collections softer.

IN HER SHOES::Laced up backward heels boots//ankle boots.

[All photo from ThaiCatwalk//Combined looks by Me]

Next season..I hope I will lucky enough to see the show :-)

March 23, 2009

Boys oh Boys!

I got a bad spot, 4th row seat..I take it anyway!! I know exactly, I'll see some of women's wear for 27 Nov.!!This is the open theme for the show:::

[photo.ThaiCatwalk//Combine by Me :]

I really don't know what happen to the front row seat people but those fashionable guys (I guess!?)behind my 4th row said out loud "I need binoculars!!!!"....

Ok! enough for the opening theme!! Back to the collection.Shall we?
Honestly, I wanna say that I like the details of the men's wears rather than women's.

SWEET GUYS:::Stripes//Colorful geometry prints//Numeric 2 & 7///Whatta sweet collection. Casual/Joy/Youthful :-)


"I like the loose pants"...For the accessories..I like it. I think you might have the same thought as me..[Hint::Something "L" from France].

So, now have to say bye for the 27 Nov. summer vacation and go to the next post......
Gotta rush! xoxo,Tikki

Avant Guarde Generations:::FASH

Yesterday was busy//tired//fun for me. Happy to meet new people. Today, I have to go back to work which is totally different situation. Today, I visit Thai Catwalk to check out the collections of yesterday shows. Gxsh! there are so much more things I didn't notice at the show......Anyway, Let me begin with FASH.

I randomly pick my favorite collections from those talented 16 fashion design students of Srinakharinwirot University as the concept,FASH's Lab::

Re-Innovation// the first collection on the runway by the design of Attasit Jinnawas.Love:::the Pop art details//Graffiti//Pattern with sequin//the metallic skinny pants.

The Disease of Muhajababe Maniac//Knit wear collection is soft in materials but strong in the details . With simple Black/White/and Grey creates tougher style to the collection.Luv it!

Creation out of Nothing:The Origami technique is stunning to me.Even the colors are sort of earth tone,can I say "it's sophisticated Avant Guarde?"

Perfect Combination: I love this thesis of Mr.Rattasart. The collection is stunning::Tough//80's/Deatils of the shoulders' part with volume//touch of some knitting detail..It is Punk & Perfect.

Nude Mood:Luv those skinny ripped pants//nude photograph on the spandex//the Jacket..! It takes me a while to collect and combine those favorite looks together.
There are more collections on the website.I invited you to visit,though.

March 22, 2009

Rush Hours....

It was kind of rush today::Finally, I got there....

Finally, it time for BIFW 2009 Summer...There are three shows; FASH//27 Nov.//Flynow.
***Big thank you for the press tickets from ThaiCatwalk :::

Meeting the journalists::Greeting new people who sit next to your spot is what I love to do before the runway show begin[if that person seems nice :)..].Luckily, I've met Vina Hiridjee,Journalist/Video producer of L'oeil Nomade Production at FASH.She is very sweet person. At Flynow,Allison Elkins from AWC Sawaddi Magazine kindly have conversation about the runway show.

Assignment: I have six pages from the Intiz Journal..have to summarize to three editorial writings:

**My editorial probably launch tomorrow///See you guys ;-)
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