March 27, 2009


I have probably 29 minutes to post this entry before the Blogspot maintenance!

"Dress fashionable"!? ..Hmm!! I do know that most of us would like to look great//gorgeous//chic//punk//classic...whatever style you named it yourself. states this topic...mention many things like wearing this label with that label is so lame..her story sounds like she wear Christian Dior Haute Couture as her pajamas. Well, sometimes fashion can make you headache!:::

For example, once you see a model wearing a plain white tank top and the heading "sexy casual chic"..once you tried..Someone might say something good,bad, or nothing about you.Who know!?

I have experience like said "how come person who wears t-shirt and jeans can become a designer??"...By that time it felt like "ouch! that's harsh!".....This moment I don't really care:::: Fashion can be anything you can try and experience with it..there's no need to change your look just want to catch attention from people..There's rule or law about this. Just be yourself and confident in what you put on you..You will look great always.

How about this picture from the Sart

Right layer//Tee matches with her Converse>>>she's on the go!!

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  1. Wanna see your new haircut sis, urgent request!


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