March 18, 2009

Patrick's Day's Shopping

My sis' and I went to Suan Lum Night Bazaar yesterday.....My energy was so down,so, I have to wake up and write something about my shopping!!!

First of all, let me introduce the Suan Lum Night Bazaar. There's an open air night market here in Bangkok where you can shop many things like clothing, Thai souvenirs, Art 'n Decor Products...etc.

Well, when I shop, I'm kind of fast( not count on the mega sale event). There're like ::See it//Luv it!//Buy it! Done! Let's see what I got...

*The Tiger Neon T-Shirt
T-shirt is the most items I wear..casually. So, this one It take less than 3 minutes ..

*Resin Bracelets @ 1/8 Chu's
Takes 2 minutes (don't count on time I ask my sis about other things else)
::This is my most favorites....Today, I bought black an fuchsia ones, but I'll go get red//white//and blue later...:-)

*Blythe Earrings
We both love it..and there are many cute Blythes...I think it takes more than 5 minutes....


*Shell Mosaic Ring
3 minutes to decide...1 minute to wait for a sale person..

...Let me go back to sleep...ZzzZzzZzz!!

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