January 24, 2010


Bangkok//Raining all day//Everything turns grey:::

Just sharing some of my collection.I really love the first picture of the Moschino Spring 2010 jacket.Well,the last picture is "not" me..but the owner probably put it...!!

Have a good one:-)


Ni Hao

10:18 am:: Not that busy today for my morning shift.Pretty light check-in executive guests.So,I spent hour (now it's more than that)looking and looking at PAPERFASHION...Day dreaming to improve my drawing skill...

With the limit of drawing materials(!!of course I can't find watercolors 'round this place!!)so..Chinese Newspaper,black marker,and sticky tape could make it,though.
Right across Page 48!!

Thanks Gosh!! My weaving Vietnamese hat is not same as Chanel's Pre-Fall!!


January 23, 2010

She said:::

Malee Sighthong
72 YO, Tailor

“ I have been sewing through my entire life. I open this tailor shop since I was young around 1960’s I just graduated from the tailoring school. It has been 40 years, already. By the time, it was 10 Baht to make 1 piece, nowadays it becomes 100-200. As the reason I decided to study because I like it. It’s fun, but not that fun so far because I have only a few customers. Everyday, I’ve made 2 pieces as my maximum . Someday, I don’t even get money. As a bad side, I just let myself doing this job day by day..just get some money to pay. On the other side, I’m happy for what I do..like when your customer is happy when they wear the clothes I’ve made.”

**Well, hope that my translation is not that bad..:-)**
Is it too late to say Happy New Year and Happy One Year Anniversary for Intiz'Journal? "Yeah..it is!!"..Anyway!!...This picture of a 72 years old tailor and her short story really made me back to the blog. Seriously!! It was quite down (so down) period for me since the early of this year.Mostly about work..I have decided to resign myself from a job (finish in mid-February). "What am I going to do next?" (It's the most FAQ I have ever heard during this time from people). Well, there's so many things I want to begin (like job..if you have any fashion job to hire me..pls do..LoL!!)..and finish. Well words won't prove anything 'til I see the result. It's going to be a tough Tiger year for me.

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