January 08, 2018


"Just do it" is my new mantra for the 2018. Well, not about to buy a pair of Nike for my dance outfit but I try to use this to drive me forward, don't be hesitate or over-thinking. 

This year,instead of the long To-Do list, I'm trying to focus more on what I really really want to do. Less is more sometimes once it comes to resolutions,I guess. So, here are my top five (that difficult to make them this short); 

For the past six year,my 24/7 is absolutely not normal. Managing  time to balance my life everyday is the toughest part for me and I'm still working on it every single day.The more I've grow, the more I  learn how valuable of time is. Last week, I read an article somewhere which quote "Your time is valuable.It's a limited,finite resource that once used, can never be reclaimed".-Lifehack.org. I totally agree with that. Personally,I always keep myself busy doing what I love to do and I put hashtag for it as #whatbehindintizjournal. But sometime, I'm busy doing nothing which mean "I have to sleep". Should I grateful my career to make my life more challenging? This year, I'm trying to make my time more productive and focus on my plans also spend great time with my beloved family,friends,and of course my followers.


Taking fashion design classes is the first thing I'd like to learn (again,again,and again). I didn't practice enough since I finished my fashion design programs. Technically, I know how to design and make clothes but practically it still not good enough for me.Wish me luck to have time to apply those short courses. 

Besides the fashion courses, "ciao!" I recently start learning Italian and I would say it's not easy as 'pizza-pie'. What inspired me for this? Last year, I experienced some Italian culture, and I totally in love with it. There's no purpose for learning the language,though.I just want to have some new language skill and keep in touch with my lovely Italian friends.A part of learning process, watching Stefano Gabbana's  said in his lovely and  funny Insta-video is one of it. Nowadays, we know we could learn to do something easier without spending that much money for the language school (but internet service). It's good for exercising your brain.Trust me, pick one you'd like to learn and do it. DM me, if you like to practice some Thai :)


"I rarely go to gym,and I hate going to a hospital" I have to remove this mindset out of my head. It's not about being part of the healthy trend which is most popular or I can wear my gym shoes with dress (c'mon please stop this look..never ever gonna try!) I always thought to myself  "I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't have things to be stress about and I should be fine". I realized that was not so true. I've been to hospital many times last year. I should take care of myself more. One thing I gonna do for sure, brush up my dancing skill. 

We all know how amazing to take holiday-traveling to where we love to explore discover the culture, food, people and of course post some Instagram photos before the trip comes to the end. This year,I'm planning between New York (during NYFW Spring 2019) or Italy which so far still making a decision. Travel is great, so don't forget to relax yourself. We'don't know what is waiting for us somewhere in the future,right? 


Thinking without doing is nothing, but over-thinking and over-doing incorrectly is still nothing! I experienced both. Having my own label is not that easy. I faced many failures about building the brand last year. To be honest, I kinda gave up and self-doubt a little bit. I also have an idea to open the Instagram shop selling clothes. Then, I realized that it's not my plan A. I should refocus, and make it happen again. "Never give up on dream "  I  believe that I can make it. There's no time to waste. ฺ


Lastly for those who didn't know how to start your resolutions this year, or still doubt what you'd like to do with yourself. I always use the old-fashioned way, the pen and paper (so far, there are  clips,glittered masking tapes, stickers,etc)I write my planner everyday. My opinion, listing what you'd plan to do for the day, month, or year could help you stay organize.At least you give yourself an idea what you gonna do without wasting your time around. Again you all, Time is really important but taking time for vacation is the way of self-rewarding. 

I hope you have a great shine bright 2018. It's a good time to start your things, we gonna have the best year together. Be positve and never give up //xo.

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           Greeting card// Exclusive Dior collection for NGV

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