May 31, 2013



Today, I'm so excited to wake up early and picked my best clothes which represent me as a fashion blogger because in the afternoon, I have the very important that I MUST attend to and I booked in my agenda as "FACEHUNTER Day".I believe that meeting one of the great blogger is such a great opportunity like seeing celebrity on the red carpet at the Oscar. Well, as the result, I love to go out with my beloved leopard print look.

Harper's Bazaar is the host of this "Facehunter for Bazaar". The event took place at Cafe Marmalade in Siam Center where gather shopaholic and fashionable people here in Bangkok. In the afternoon,there were fashion blogger symposium in the topic of " How social media is changing the fashion world" I'm so inspired and get some idea to improve my blog :) Later, for the book signing "A Year in the Life of FaceHunter". I really have an opportunity to have a short conversation with Yvan himself . Same feeling like I went to the flight attendant inter view..LoL! Another amazing part, I've been photographed by Yvan Rosdic himself. I feel such an honor!! 

 Enjoy the snaps from me of this day part :)

Me &Yvan Rodic

Paloy Horwang Social Editor of Harper's Bazaar Thailand

Yvan with Duang Poshyanonda, Editor-in-Chief of Harper's Bazaar Thailand

Behind the Facehunter

Dodo of Dodopisarn and I

Gail J. of The Equinox Fashion

 Top:: ASV by Asava// Skirt :: Gargen Flynow// Jacket :: Korean Label 
Belt :: Moschino// Shoes :: Stuart Weitzman // Bag :: Boyy

For more details and pictures please visit Harper's Bazaar Thailand, and instagram @bazaarthailand.



May 28, 2013

DIY#1 A Day-Off Necklace

My little hobby

Summer is not my favorite season because I hate hot weather, but I do love the joyful of colors around me. Here in Bangkok, the weather is very hot especially in the afternoon. I decided to 'stay in the shade', do my fashion sketches, and unpack my duty luggage (well, if this is your first career is a flight attendant).
I found small packs of bead, and crafting stuff which I buy it long time ago from a shop Sydney. 

This afternoon, I just wanna do this very easy DIY for this necklace. Well, I thought I was going to make two bracelets for my Hawaii trip, but I changed my mind to do a choker necklace instead (and could twist to the bracelets as well). 


Plastic beads Elastic string  Scissors

Separate the beads into group of color or pattern
 Insert an elastic string into the hole of the bead
Make a very very tight knot at the end of both side of the strings
Cut the left over of the elastic string...and Voila!! You done!


May 26, 2013

Next Friday

Bangkok Fashion Bloggers..get ready!

If you are a fan of Yvan Rodic of the Face Hunter, you probably excited about this event. Luckily, this time I return home  I'm sure I'm going to join this event. Yvan also confirmed about his book tour in Bangkok in his blog. Get your book ready for it. 

See you there....


May 19, 2013


IN Graffiti Zurrounding

One said, "Work hard, play harder" ..Today, I finally have time taking a break here in Melbourne. I was locked out in a hotel room due to raining outside and I "don't wanna ruin" my boots!! Seriously!! Even though, I spend about 70% here in Australia, but I really have no idea where exactly to find a cool fashionable area..better fine out more about it! There are many cool and artistic places around Melbourne, but my friend took me to this small graffiti block..where I really like it,though. I wish I have enough time to bring my camera and snap the city for you :)

Jacket :: H&M
Top&Legging :: American Apparel
Scarf :: Mary Katrantzou
Boots :: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M
Bag:: Boyy



May 10, 2013


Watching film noir is kind of interesting to me. Today, I finally have time to watch this newest film of Chanel, " Once Upon the Time" directed by Karl Lagerfeld. I love the charming of the costume. Everything look so classic and elegance. My most favorite  cast in this film is Lindsey Wixon as Miss Wonderbilt. There are also many beautiful hats..Everything is perfect in this film. I love it.

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