December 29, 2011


"Scarves is one of the essential accessory for   winter and you better have one" Intiz

and KEEP IT until next Summer!!

See you next journal & Thank you for reading

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November 27, 2011

Busy...Busy..why girl's bag so Heavy!!!

Hello Everyone!

I'm back. I really miss my Journal.As the flood problem here in Bangkok. Many stuff in my room has been removed including my Intiz'Journal Vol.2..So sad about that.According to my new career as a cabin crew with busy schedule makes me busier and hard to get back here.From now on, I'm trying to manage my time and find something to note in my journal.Now, I just nedd my fashion energy back!!

See you later reader.

November 22, 2011

City & my self-maded Maxi

Good evening from Melbourne,

Finally it's my I have time to travel to the city of Melbourne with my friends. Just relax a little bit from the cabin crew ground school:)
I think you like my simply black maxi skirt that I made it myself...long time ago,and the borrowed Zara cardigan from my room mate :)

See you later,

November 19, 2011


Good Afternoon from Melbourne my readers,

I just arrived Melbourne with my newbie cabin crew friends this early afternoon. It's my first time in, I really have no idea how people here live their lives with fashion.

Well, a little snap from a shopping center where we went to shop some groceries..I really like this place.I've never seen "alteration s service" like this in Bangkok (may be I don't discover enought 'cuz I like to do it myself..LoL!) Here is another one :)

Really cute..well,the service is quite I better do it myself if I get my uniform :)

Have a good day 'n see you later guys!


October 15, 2011

Ready for Melbourne

It has been years and years that I stay in Thailand. Now,I just get a new career as a flight attendant..LoL!! So,I think this is a great great opportunity for me to get inspirations and bring me back to my design MIND,though.

But!!..before that, I have to figure out what I should pack there..!!?

See you in Melbourne..I'll try be here if I'm no that busy for training!



October 09, 2011


Hello readers..It has been a long time that I didn't update anything here.Actually, I'm pretty busy as usual.Besides, I just get my new career as a cabin crew..flight attendant..or anything you wanna call it.This is gonna be a good opportunity for me to travel the world and find inspirations and back to my design again in the nearest future. So..PLS BEAR WITH ME!!

Lately, I bought Elle US October issue..actually I want to read something rather than the training manual in my flight to Melbourne.It's gonna be fun..Well,I'll try to be positive,though.As this blog, I have "a lot" of draft stuff in my,I'll try to find sometimes with them..Again! PLS BEAR WITH ME!!

As this editorial,I love it..I don't know how to explain it exactly "FOR ME,ONLY ONE STANDING OUT IN will "green" on you" Make sense??! Anyway..Hope you like it,too::

See you next post


August 15, 2011

I miss NY

Watching this video....really refresh me this morning, but it make me wanna go to New York!!

Nothing much for today..Have a good day and have fun with fashion :)


June 07, 2011

Oh my!!...whatta smile on the picture!!  

Well, Hi my readers...sorry that I've been disapeared from here for awhile.
Yesterday was my HUGE day.How can I begin..?  I don't know how many girl in this world has a dream to become a flight attendant, but I do. But this dream is a bit smaller than the fashion designer. A week ago, I found a newspaper ads for walk-in recruitment for this career, and's my day-off ...and my friend ask me to go with her.Why waste the chance,right??! Go for it!!!

So far, one might ask why it's matter to fashion?! 

You know what??! I did seach many pictures of cabin crew candidate grooming..even though I know that it's gonna be like job interview but my friend told me ..."You have to be STUNNING and CONSERVATIVE cuz there are thousands of people"...Finally, after the 'try this and try that'..I decided to go with my favorite color BLACK; Black chiffon top (with white polka dots),Black jacket and skirt...and even black shoes...SO BUSINESS ATTIRE

Besides the "Smart-Casual look" as it mentioned on the newspaper (I was a bit disagree with the word "casual" when it comes to occasion like job interview,though).Anyway, you have to look "SMART and PROFESSIONAL" as well...These are essential;

Airline Information ::Make sure you study and know something necessary
Paper Work:: CV, Cover letter, Transcript,etc. Check that it's in correct spelling and make 2 copies.
Photo :: Always bring more than 2..I saw one candidate ruin her picture by a paper clip and she has a white mark on her forehead.!!

Make sure the shoes are 2.5-3 inches!//even I have to take them off and reach 212 cm.

*prep the skin//make sure you look flawless

Eye Contact:::

Natural eyelash...much more better than those fake one.

Match::Lips & Nails

I have no idea I would pass this interview or not.....but it's awesome to give myself a try. One thing I know...I can reach the overhead compartment...I turn-in my CV, and I did a first group discussion...Cheer me up guys!


March 24, 2011


4:33am@ my airline office,

It has been a long long time to bring me back here,thank you D&G for this time.
Well, not mention about its Spring/Summer 2011.I wanna skip a little forward to the fall.Actually,I am a big fan of D&G (not because of my sister who work for the brand,though). The Fall 2011 collection makes me feel "UP BEAT"!! again by those Alphabetic prints//Neon colors//and Street looks. I really love it!!

**Due to I have limit of time now, so 8 out of 64 pictures from are some of my favorite...:-)



You gonna love the whole collection..Take a look!

Thanks for readin'...I'm trying to be here so often.I can't promise when,but I'll try.


February 16, 2011


Dear readers, It has been a long long time, that I have been away from this blog. I'm doing okay but blogging 'n internet are not the first priority that I have time to spend time with as before. So far, I'm trying to manage everything on my own messy way. I have many snaps on my "dead" laptop now..anyway, this is a little bit update from me. Hope you guys enjoy the Fall 2011 :-)

Have fun 'n in love with Fashion.

xoxo, Intiz

February 12, 2011

Theyskens' Theory Sping/Summer 2011

Theyskens' Theory is cool clothes for the coolest girl

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