June 07, 2011

Oh my!!...whatta smile on the picture!!  

Well, Hi my readers...sorry that I've been disapeared from here for awhile.
Yesterday was my HUGE day.How can I begin..?  I don't know how many girl in this world has a dream to become a flight attendant, but I do. But this dream is a bit smaller than the fashion designer. A week ago, I found a newspaper ads for walk-in recruitment for this career, and fortunately...it's my day-off ...and my friend ask me to go with her.Why waste the chance,right??! Go for it!!!

So far, one might ask why it's matter to fashion?! 

You know what??! I did seach many pictures of cabin crew candidate grooming..even though I know that it's gonna be like job interview but my friend told me ..."You have to be STUNNING and CONSERVATIVE cuz there are thousands of people"...Finally, after the 'try this and try that'..I decided to go with my favorite color BLACK; Black chiffon top (with white polka dots),Black jacket and skirt...and even black shoes...SO BUSINESS ATTIRE

Besides the "Smart-Casual look" as it mentioned on the newspaper (I was a bit disagree with the word "casual" when it comes to occasion like job interview,though).Anyway, you have to look "SMART and PROFESSIONAL" as well...These are essential;

Airline Information ::Make sure you study and know something necessary
Paper Work:: CV, Cover letter, Transcript,etc. Check that it's in correct spelling and make 2 copies.
Photo :: Always bring more than 2..I saw one candidate ruin her picture by a paper clip and she has a white mark on her forehead.!!

Make sure the shoes are 2.5-3 inches!//even I have to take them off and reach 212 cm.

*prep the skin//make sure you look flawless

Eye Contact:::

Natural eyelash...much more better than those fake one.

Match::Lips & Nails

I have no idea I would pass this interview or not.....but it's awesome to give myself a try. One thing I know...I can reach the overhead compartment...I turn-in my CV, and I did a first group discussion...Cheer me up guys!


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