February 07, 2009

When I'm teen again..:-)

I know, I'm not suppost to call myself "teen".....but buying Teen Vogue (I didn't buy it since I was Senior in HS)today makes me feel back to high school age again.

....Now it's 10:16 PM.(in BKK) I have about half an hour to finish this post before I go home after work (don't tell my boos about it :-))...OK!!

BACK TO THE EARLY OF THE DAY::(let me flip my journal)...It was rush this afternoon,travelin' from home to my work..especially by bus, it really take a long time. I had hope to fine February NYLON at the book store..today..if not I'm going to get the Japanese version one instead..Besides, I won't wasting my time sleepin' on the bus like other people do...Harper's Bazaar(Thai edition) keep me awake all the way....

12:45 ::::DxMN!! STILL NO NYLON!! Then my head was kind like "Gotta go..Get something else..No! it's time to go..just get one..then go make it quick!"
About a minute~I realized there's something about neon spreads when I glanced at Teen Vogue....Then, finally..I bought it! LoL!!

10:35 PM: Ok..that's was I wrote in my journal..It's boring if you read this with out the pictures..Let me get home first,

11 :something::Still at my work,waiting my Dad to pick me up..I was reading my fave Drop Snap

I'll take these boring pair of high heel soon!!

[*I got home @ 11:45 PM.::My aunt was playin' "Chainz" on my laptop..I was pissed out 'cuz she didn't turn it off..then I was in the bad mood reading Teen Vogue..my mood gettin' better when I was killing my time snapping my favorite pages]

FEB 8,09@ 2:47 AM.

Got my laptop,and my snaps..Finally, I'm back to basic::No more Drama!!


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