February 08, 2009

When I'm teen again...:-) 'N again

FEB 8,09@ 2:47 AM.

Got my laptop,and my snaps..Finally, I'm back to basic::No more Drama!!

Ok...Now I'm in a good mood so, don't be afraid!! LoL!!

This issue of Teen Vogue didn't disappoint me...ok, these are what I spotted and snapped::::::


Balenciaga does match her Vikings Uniform::So,Squad captain! don't punish your squad if one of your cheerleader forget a megaphone at home!! LoL!!


Last Monday on my Happy Smile Again journal..I happy to see this cute accessory here in Teen Vogue.


When I see these spreads..MJ[Marc Jacobs]..hit my head!!

P.161::Spot LV BANGLE!!

Actually my wish item is not the bangle, but the LV pochette with those roses::

P.146~147::Sea of Shoes,USA

She's 16..She's CHIC!..I check her SEAOFSHOES today for the first time..don't think it's the last time!!

Back Cover ::Happy ending with Miss Dior Chérie new ad campaign

Love the campaign..but I'm going to wear my Jean Paul Gaultier's Madame anyway.MDC is not me ;-)

Well,there's lot more good thing to read in the magazine....Gotta go now..I think it's time to go to bed!!

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