October 19, 2012

In the mood of "Moschino Belt"

"Nothing is too late to be wear.
It depends on you when you wanna wear it"- Intiz

Personally, I think that way..Like this Moschino belt (well, I like accessories with alphabets..really!) Besides, Moschino is one of my top favorite brand. As the belt story, I really really want it years ago when it was so popular among bloggers. By that time, I hunted for it on eBay for second hand, but thing is..I don't like buying fake and make myself  feel like "I'm in trend".So, I was just forget about it, and hope to get my REAL one someday. 

Moschino A/W 2012

When I saw the belt on Moschino A/W 2012, my flashback of the belt memory tell me that " It's time to get it,Tikki (that's my nickname)!!" After the chinking out at the store,e-shopping..and random price survey, I decided to call my sister to buy it for me from London..but due to the black color was out of stock..I HAVE TO wait!! I'm sure I can cuz I wait for it years already..LoL!! 

   Karina Pricilla

My sis called me the other day that she got it from the store and will send to me as soon as possible. That's a good news, so now I got my early Christmas present for myself! Yeah!! That's my excuse when I buy a brand name thing..LoL!!

Another OMG, I found the Man Moschino  and the exclusive ones in neon !! How interesting!!

Alright, I think that's enough for tonight..before I gonna out of my mind for another one..LoL!! I'm sure that this Moschino belt is one of your favorite as well. As for me..again " I HAVE TO WAIT!!" it's on the way now..LoL!!

Moschino belt

Well, after this blog..I'm going to be busy again..flying so..see you later :) Thank you for reading 


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