October 29, 2012

Cherry Bomb my mind!!

Good afternoon from Bangkok, so far, I'm planning for my Christmas shopping  for this year also plan to have something new to my closet.And this early afternoon after reading and checking Alix' blog , the Sretsis' Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, Sweetness is very interesting choice for me. Question is which one...( or two..or all of below..LoL!) should I get it??!!

 A. The French Vanilla Cherry Jumper & skirts

 B. The Cherry Bomb Jumpsuit

 C. The Toffee Stripe Skirt

D. The Cherry Bomb Tulip skirt (Vanilla one)

And this cherry earrings are very essential for the look, and I just love it...these are my top favorite from the collection. You must take the look :)

If I don't get the call for my flight duty today..I'm going to the store, and take a look.."Promise!" because now I have a huge closet plan in my mind...and I better slow down my shopping :) 
Well, Have a good one my reader..If you have any opinion, please drop your suggestion :) 

Thank you for reading

 Photo Credit :: Sretsis.com



  1. Some of the peaces looks great. Nice style.

    Have a ncie day.


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