October 07, 2009

Do you have some changes??

Hey guys!! I'm back...even it's my short return/'cuz I have about 10 mins to blog here before I'm getting ready to go to work....Well, How do you feel about Paris so far??? Anyway....My journal has nothing much to update, but I got new accesory for my treasure box//T..a..daa...!!

I have no reason why I like it...cuz I just like it!! It remind me when I was a child. I asked my Mom to buy a bracelet which made from the Thai 50 Stang coins as the souvenir..but she didn't buy it for me!!! Anyway...I have been wearing this bracelet more often than the others...not because of French realted thing,but I like when it makes some noise!!!..

It's 10:36 am.now...I gotta go!!

**By the way...I might do some update tonight/&/trying to finish my previous stuff..wait for them s'il vous plait


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