October 27, 2009

Anti-Gravity//Part DEUX::The Show

Across page 232, and 233, I just have time to "draft" (yeah!..only draft) what I see from Issue last Sunday:::Here..they..are:::

Last Sunday was extremely amazing for me...Even I have to rush/rush/rush to be at Central Wolrd. Waiting for the show which said 7pm onwards.....then,postponed 8 something(Anyway, I can take it,though). It was pretty good experience..I feel like I really come for fashion show:: The reception area was awesome (not too big, but really fit us; fashion people,celebs,famous Thai designers in that fashion atmosphere). When the show was about to start..we all climbed up the SF World Cinema on the 9th floor where the collection will show that evening.

I got the ring(Oops!!)..Runway-side seat..Well, it's good to see the details..it's bad to hear the models stomp on the runway ground!!!


The show begin with guy-models wear this(Well, I have no idea..how to call this kind of sweater). The first thing that come to my mind when I see the girl model is "Susie Bubble" !!!

The collection is amazing..really amazing. You can check the entire collection from Thai Catwalk. I'll leave you this fabulous finale:::

ISSUE A/W2009 Finale from Intira Udomsuk on Vimeo.

you might need a neck massage after watching//Well, sorry about it guys :-p!!!

The collection was gorgeous..I've already picked my favorites from these to my journal :-)

Meet & Greet

Remember my hyper "Dodo" from Elle?? This time,I meet him again..

and anther one, Eva S. of Vissi D'Art,Vissi D'amore..

We're friend now :-)

Amazing day of the year!!! Really thank you ThaiCatwalk,and Foxy Lody for the ticket :-)

Gotta go guys!



  1. i think i saw you that day naka :) btw the show was sooo adorable i love their creativity of doing new way of fashion show.

  2. It's was such a pleasure to meet you too! ;) Now most people can recognize me from my hat. It has become my signature. hahaha

    anyway, luv the show too! the light and sound are spectacular! and also the printing on the clothes in this collection are so brilliant!

  3. Really!!?? OMG!!..where were you that day?? Sorry na ka that Didn't say hi..Well hope to you next time in person na ;-)


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