June 14, 2009

Passer Buy

My second day //of five days off:-)..It’s a lil’bit boring to stay home. I just feel like “Let me go out, and do something!!”….. “what is it,anyway??” I really have no plan for shopping for new clothes//accessories..cuz I have invested some of money of my account for the “TOUGH CUFF”…well, so far I have sold a few!! LoL!! I happy’ cuz one’s it,though. Anyway, I’m tired to make it no matter how many time that metal hammer hit my left-thumb!
Central Rama 2 is the nearest place I can go….don’t wanna go that far..Remember? “I have NO shopping plan”….Besides, nanna asked me to buy some groceries back home…Hmm!! That’s the last thing, I gonna do be for catching a cab home!!

KIKUYA:: This is the only fabric store of this mall. I went in to check that there’s some good fabric is on sale or not…then went out with nothing. The sale staff are get use with my face already..I think!
***Roaming round..round..and round. My right side is getting heavier…..’til I find this small kiosk at almost the way out

There are many awesome, and not so awesome accessories here. But what interesting me is a folio that a group of high school girls…were looking..pointing..and saying “I like this..one..that one” Curious!! “what is that all about?” ……………….Fi..nal..llly! It’s only a font folio..for the made –to-order name charm. Then, I start thinking ‘should I order one’??
***Roaming round..round..and round

I ask a sale person..how long does it take to get a charm done…….. “TWO WEEKS!” Hmm..thinking while (kinda) look at another customer who was ordering a jumbo bling bling necklace. Gosh! He looks like D+Grade Science student…in stead of rapper or a hip-hop peeps.
Anyway,…….”TWO WEEKS”………..After>>>>>


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