June 22, 2009


Yeah...I'm talking about those sheer..slim...sensitive pair pairs of panty hoses which is a part of my uniform...Sick to say this word,but it's true....work in the hospitality biz, especially front of the house.

Doing laundry this morning...there are many pairs of the "run" one..Then I feel like "I wanna shredded the whole pair..but...I don't have time...so.just separate them from the good one".......

After I've done with the laundry...I really have no idea..what I should do with them...so I just cut them to pieces...and try to make something like these:::

I'm not sure..what I'm going to do with these pieces of stcokingstocking...let me try to sketch something this coming Wednesday:-)..Besides, I need to get more pantyhoses for the project as well...LoL!!!


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  1. That is a rather clever idea. I must say i would never ever consider tights to be so useful

    i like your blog


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