May 06, 2009

One day with A Day

Even I have two days-off,but it doesn't seems like I have free time...Hmm...
Today,I have to be a doggy sister again cuz my grandmother went to visit someone...I can't let myself go enjoy shooting a fashion exhibition, and let my fatty Hlong(he's sick) home alone!!!

Project Runway 4 DVD//Chinese food//and 'a day'..probably OK for me :-)

A Day is no a fashion magazine,but it's kinda Art & Inspiration magazine. Honestly, I buy this one (last moth) for the first issue:::::

Remember once, I told you about the Flynow show??? This is another part of them.

:::Fashion Designers' Hobby:::

*The Sretsis' Sisters*

Oh..and this is interesting:::

This is actually true in the fashion world.On the left side is just a simply T-shirt (99 Baht), but on the other side, when there's a brand name on it...Price is totally ten times.Who will make the decision to buy the left or the right??? Of course, US!!! So, spend safely :-)

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