May 02, 2009

Jumpsuits do//Jumpsuits don't

Apology that I disappear from the blog for awhile. Finally, my May just begin...
My office got the May issue ofElle UK delivered last week...I take first priority as a "fashion luvvaaa" take it home :: read & look........and today,I returned it back to the department.....Disappeared,already!!!

Anyway,before I return it...I jotted some editorial of....who??....Umm...someone..about the Jumpsuit....Across my Intiz' Journal page 131:::

My correction//on No.4 of the 'Do' part:: Buy a jumpsuit wherever you like, and it suits you..Doesn't matter how high street it is..Take what you can afford :-)

Here is some examples from the Spring runway trend on the Jumpsuit(and on Gucci romper that I love):::::

These Lacoste jumpsuits(also rompers) are pretty comfy/sporty as well::::

**Well, there are two days working..I have to go to bed now guys
xoxo, Tikki

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