December 31, 2015

Time flies & Great memory would last forever.

Being a fashion blogger and cabin crew at the same time is challenging, but my 2015 was another amazing and busy year for me. I tried my best every 365 days to love myself, and do what I love everyday. There are lot of experience which I would never ever forget, and it was another little step of Intiz'Journal to share my story and personal style to my readers around the world. The most memorable of the year is meeting my fashion icon, First, Diane Von Furstemberg in May. I was super excited to meet, and have a very short conversation with Diane herself. In September at Elle Fashion Week, great chance to had a little talk (and give a bigggg compliment,and great smile)to Margaret Zhang, and Kristina Bazan who are very important and inspire bloggers all over the world. 

Secondly, my awesome experience in Japan. Lucky for me to fly there several times as holiday and work. I love the beautiful scenery and culture, innovative technology, politeness,and sophisticated way of Japanese people.

Lastly, I wish this 2015 photo collection would INspire you to start or keep doing what you love. Remember "Present and gift is the same word.If you have good present everyday, at the end of the year your feeling would be like you see your gift boxes under Christmas tree" trust me because I quote that and going to write it down on my last page of the 2015 journal :) Enjoy

Happy New Year everyone & See you next year //xoxo



  1. WOw doll what an experience for you congrats in this opportunity. 2015 was great wishing you more greatness for 2016 Happy New Year.

  2. You wrote it well. I really like such things.


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