November 18, 2013

Studio Renovation Project

I need a new bedroom

According to the photo that I updated in my Instagram this afternoon, 'renovating my bedroom' (aka STUDIO) is one of my 2013 resolution whichhh is it just started (C'mon! I have another 42 days to complete this)From the picture, that NY photo which I bought from Chic Republic months ago still waiting for me to hang it on the wall.Also many of my favorite editorial are waiting to be frame, and so on so forth. I plan to remove everything except the closet out.I need it blank, then I'll make it as a 'small' sewing room and bedroom at the same place. So far, I can't figure out how it would be, but only the thing that I can do from my personal assistant's advice "DON'T MAKE ANOTHER MESS!!!"...LoL!

Stay tuned with my project..I need some interior ideas



  1. Nice photo. I love your shoes.

    AMY L.

  2. Cool you a busy bee doll love the image very pretty.

  3. that sounds amazing, wish i had the time to do the same :/

  4. Don't we all?

  5. i love this photo and your heels of course<3
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