July 09, 2013


Sneak peak on my CREW bag!

 Good morning from Bangkok :)

Time flies by faster during these days,and my four days at home was over, and now it's time to go back to work. 

This morning, I woke up pretty early..had a quick look on my to do list before I leave Bangkok this evening. Yesterday, I would like to visit the art exhibition center to check out Vanillawalk 's collection without checking the date on calendar (which was Monday-it's closed?!) So, I missed it...and end up shopping with my friend.Turned out that I got new (I don't think it's Dolce &Gabbana as it said on the label) dress and purse, and she's got nothing!!! 

Anyway, Have you ever thought  that "what's inside the Cabin Crew bag?" when you see cabin crew walking at the airport? Well, I did (when I was not a cabin crew,yet). So , I take a little sneak-peak on my cabin bag which I never open for anyone, except the quarantine when required (LoL!)  Basically, it's not that different than the one you have with you on-board when you travel. From the picture above are some of the belonging. In the real working day, it's heavier (and messy!) with uniform, coat, food, and so on.


Writting and drawing is one of my favorite thing to do on the flight for both travel, and on duty. In my bag, I always have my agenda, and sometimes I carry my Intiz' Journal. I also have a little notebook for pre-flight briefing as well. So, when you travel abroad especially the long haul flight try to write something (about your trip, or your plan for vacation).Sometimes, it better than watching movies for long hours 'til landing.though.


Grooming is one of the essential thing to me when I'm on duty. I always remind myself that 'being in well groom,with professionalism at work, passengers will look at you no matter how less or more beautiful you are'. In the picture of my cabin bag, you'll see the denim Tokidoki bag (I call it my survival kit),which there are some cosmetics inside. 

When you travel as passenger, you  don't need that much make up.I recommend you to bring make-up removal tissue, and make your face clean (also the skin to breath) during the flight. Then, wear just a little bit of make up before landing. At least, you have a pretty face on the immigration photo record :)


Travelling abroad, you probably have at least two foreign currencies with you. For me, I have more than that. In the past, I always mixing those money together, and frustrated every time when finding coins at cashier..LoL! So, when I travel I always have one wallet for home currency, and a pouch for foreign ones (the burger in the picture is my 2 in 1 coin pouch). 

When travel in the aircraft,everything must be SECURE for both crew and passenger,and even your wallet! Make sure you put it securely. You don't have to have two wallets like me, but you should keep your belonging safe.Especially long haul flight, keep it with you or in you bag that no one can open except you and your close one :)

Oh my! I write alot..LoL! Well, at least I can give you some idea when travel by aircraft. I have to go now for another packing for my little closet. If I have time....see you soon. Have a good day everyone :)



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