February 15, 2013


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4:17 AM

Stay up is one of my habit, but personally I love working my stuff (writing diary, arrange my agenda, and blogging,etc) at night..
Last week, I heard one lady said "I can't believe you dress like this just to go for dinner!! " to one of my friend.One word popped in my head "So?" ....then she began her second sentence "I never wear..this..that..to blah..blah..blah!!" Actually, I didn't remember what exactly she said but I used to hear one says "I never wear........to...." I started to think why don't wear it? 

Dress up or changing your look is not same as having drug (similar part is you will 'addict' to experiment your LOOK..LoL) and it's not terrible at all. One afraid of changing it due to.."Oh! I never wear it before".."Oh! This color is not gonna suit me".."I think this is too much, we just go for dinner".."My boyfriend said I can't wear that"..so on, so boring forth. It doesn't mean that you have to change from sweet girl to punk girl completely! Just wear something you comfortable with, and add something interesting,try some prints,add more texture, or accessories.One important thing, pleassssseeeee DO NOT COPY SOMEONE's style..personality goes along with what you wear, if you copy someone believe it or not? You not gonna feel 100% confident. 

Lastly, let's talk on the dark side...as know as CRITICISM. I criticized sometimes as below;

1. "The Enemy"

2. Those who USE FAKE and proudly PRESENT REAL. 

3. Those who LOST THEIR MIND IN THE CLOSET..they put whatever in his or herself to "create their outstanding looks", but seems "what exactly is this?" to me!

4. Those who CRITICIZE someone saying " You're wearing that again?!" Don't say that if you don't have 365 pieces of each clothing categories in your closet. 

This is part of my opinion,I want people to dress up, look fabulous, and happy when one says "I love your shoes (or something else)"..or "You look gorgeous"...not dress down like my enemy :)

Have a fabulous day & don't forget to 'dress up'


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