January 06, 2013

Postcard from Bondi Beach

Top:: Intiz'Zelection
Shorts :: Cache Cache
Necklace:: Diva
Bag & Scarf:: Sportsgirl
Glasses:: Lyn Around

Finally I have a break..I mean,  have 24 hours for myself. Due to no I leave my pink laptop at home, I have to write everything down..and type it later. Early of the day, I went to St.Mary's Cathedral. Before that I met a psycho freak!! He's about late 30 years old asked me very rude questions. I just pointed to his face and shout "Stay away from us!!" ,also gave him the most scary face which you won't gonna see it here..LoL!!

Well, I didn't wear what you see from the picture to the cathedral, just a maxi black dress, also covered myself with the scarf...pretty simple actually. Can't believe I gonna meet this such idiot on my good day!!
If you are a tourist in Sydney (or anywhere in this world) always bring someone with you!!

Me and my girls went to the beach in the afternoon, the weather is perfect...but my iphone battery was flat..so my friends took it for me :) Hope you have a great coming week.


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