May 30, 2012

That's my BOYY!!

After a month of hard work, it's time for me to reward myself something (Is that "the excuse" you use to think when you gonna start shopping?). This evening, me and my friends had a really great Japanese dinner together..then we kinda sort it out what we gonna do after, and I have to agree with them for Karaoke-the activity that I mostly sit and listen!!! Unfortunately :), we can't find one in we had to change plan to shopping instead. By that time, I had plan in my mind to check out the new Longchamp bag (Just check out!!..I used to tell you how I feel about the 'Le Pliage' bag

Just opposite to Longchamp corner, I finally find my baby........

Top:: Intiz'Zelection  Skirt:: Mani Mina In the Yard

I made my decision for awhile for this Boyy Slash bag(less than five minutes..LoL!!) to get it...but when I do shopping "I want it, I buy it!!" ....and by that time I feel like "Great! Can't wait" you know!?

Boyy Exclusive Store @ Luxury Hall (1st Fl.) Central Department Store,Chidlom

Well, that's my really good day, with good friends , and get the good bag...and

"That's my BOYY!!"


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