November 13, 2009


Suddenly I see~this is world I wanna be.....
Oops!..LoL!! wrong track//Finally, my Fabulous Fri-Fashion 13th...I've seen it::

I have no idea how many time I've been watching this trailer(again 'n again)::

Seat#F13..(as reserve!)..then..ENJOY the movie!

I love this movie!..Do you remember "The Devil wears Prada",the part that Nigel mention about Runway Magazine as a shining beacon of hope. You know, there's so many people who has such an attitude to fashion magazine...that "it's just a just flipping those pages to see what people wear in the nice way". Once I've heard this at a book store... that was one of the most terrible thing I've ever heard!!!

Anyway,if you expect to see something similar to "The Devil wears Prada"..this is kinda different.'s Fall 2007!
I recognized MJ as the first impression:::

[photo Bonjour Jr.]

After movie...there's many things..I was kinda thinking about:::

**If you wanna work for fashion you have to be tough matter what you're; editor,designer,style-editor,model(don't count on Raquel that she gives up to the pie..LoL!!)etc...if you can't have that enough. You might give up easily.
How do you feel if your collection get this result from her??:::

* Many Thai young fashion generation(plz..count me in)..wanna be like Thakoon.
* Bree Shaffer gonna study law!..pls change your mind!

*Karl named this Chanel tweed jacket "Anna"(the bottom named Wintour as well? )

*André Leon Talley's athletic look..Hmm!!What can I say..!!??
(well,I used to think that he's Anna's body guard when I was newbie about Vogue!)

*Another one important thing//while watching the show..pls look at the collections than the models/

/this is what fashion show is about. I'm sick of hearing those talking to each other..about model (especially celeb model)..even it's not my biz to mind their conversation, but it is really disturb!

"Fashion's not about looking back.It's always about looking forward." Anna Wintour



  1. hello!

    I just saw this a couple of weeks ago and it is so great! I would love to work at is amazing!!!

    many kisses :)


  2. This movie was a bit too documentary for me :) Oh well who cares The fashion, the people and the story itself is capturing enough :)

    Thxs for visiting my blog at looooong time ago ka :)

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