September 24, 2009

Book Worm

After watching Project Runway season 1,I’m in a nerd mode again. Working four days in a row sounds short to somebody but too long to me as you (might)know that my career is not related to fashion at all (accept spotting one’s clothes and accessories during work). Besides, one day-off is not that enough for me to collect those from New York & London’s runways. Another reason…I have doggy sister to attend!!!

Begin my home alone morning with page 7 for Suzy Menkes’ Special Report in the International Herald Tribune(of yesterday) which I got it from my work. Then I continue my reading about Jonathan Saunders that I cppy copy from the October issue of ELLE UK.

12:00 ::Have to take my dog for a walk…I’ve done with Burberry Pror(awe)sum.(misspelling..but make sense!).Have you seen that draped trench??
I’m so sick with the slow internet! That’s why I can’t finish Basso & Brooke on time (I love the prints..but they kinda make me headache a lil’bit).Ok..then..I changed my mind go to Laurence King…searching for new fashion textbooks. Even, I’m not finish with those I have one the “messy” table.

LEFT : My Wonderful World of Fashion::A Book for Drawing, Creating, and Dreaming by Nina Chakrabatri.
I think this book is really good for those who want to study fashion design, but not good at drawing. The book can give them some how to draw. :::

MIDDLE : How to Set Up and Run a Fashion Label by Toby Meadows
This one is what I wanna buy the most. A Bachelor in Hotel & Tourism Management student like me totally have no idea how those fashion students really study in class(not count on the sewing class)…Are they carry any book/s? Anyway…I’ll buy this as soon as…I wanna something from it (???) Even, something in the book couldn’t help me in a real life to run the label…it’s better not to be an air-head designer who can’t run the biz, isn’t it???Long way to go,though……..

RIGHT: Badge/Button/Pin by Gavin Lucas
What can I say about the book?? Well, I love and collecting some of them in my closet!!!

Oki..doki..!! Feel good to update something to this journal…so, I have to go back to Style//Elle//and save some more S/S 2010 collections’cuz Milan is one the way (SIGH!!!) Besides, I have some previous drafts to finish…BEAR with me readers!!
Oh! By the way, if any of you have these books with you, pls do share some idea 


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  1. I want to read Suzy Menkes in the papers too. you inspired me to find her article and I did subscribe one at The New York Times :))))
    Pan's Holiday


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