July 16, 2009

The Express Oh..pair!!

Right after I checked this page on ELLE UK, I just keep thinking "I want a pair of wedge shoes!!"..I have no plan for shopping so far. .....

7pm: I went to a mall quickly for shopping...so I got one..simply one:-)
7:30pm Get home and study Japanese::

I got this black patent-denim wedge heel shoes at SHUBERRY.The shop has many average price, and nice design,though.

Well, when I go shop for a pair of shoe is kinda big deal to me:

  • I have a 39 size ( sometimes..smaller)-_-"

  • Always look for the black pair//Grey//Of course..with design//for those feminine details(e.g. Bow,Lace,Pearl..etc) are the last pairs I might take a look.

  • Love shoes with the heels..but I prefer flats or sneakers.

  • If I love the design//no matter about color (I take two!!or three//monotone)

Another thing ,bling..bling thing is the accessory...which I only wore yesterday::


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